Gifts, Goodies and Greatest Hits

I have some new recipes, really I do! And some travels and adventures to share as well. And I have pictures, too. But as I am still in high gear work mode right now with some deadlines looming before the Christmas holiday, I think I’ll first take this opportunity to share these “greatest hits” of the season with you. May these favorites of mine inspire some holiday food and gift ideas for you to try until I can get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

I hope you all have enjoyed the holiday season so far, and may your days be merry and bright…and filled with good food, friends and family.

Cookies! For the cookie monster in us all.

Who doesn’t love cookies any time of year, but during the holidays they are a mandatory make and give. Starting from the top with these biscotti…this is the one thing I will try to get made before Christmas!

biscottiA-1Chocolate Hazelnut and Ginger Biscotti are perhaps the most addictive cookies ever known to man or woman. These truly decadent biscotti have the perfect dry texture combined with savory hazelnuts, spicy candied ginger and melty semi-sweet chocolate surprises in every bite. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if I don’t make these for my husband every Christmas, I might as well find another place to live. I kid you not!

cookies smOld Fashioned Drop Sugar Cookies are a recipe that my mom used to make every year. They are the best I’ve ever had and fun to make by yourself, or with some little elves helping you to decorate! They have the added advantage of keeping well for a week or more in an airtight container.

crinkles2Chocolate Espresso Crinkle Cookies. I knew I had to try them the moment I saw Eva’s original recipe, and then Sawsan’s adaptation of Eva’s recipe that added some warm spices. They did not disappoint!


readytobake2Old Fashioned Ice Box Cookies are so easy to make ahead and wonderful to freeze, then have on hand to slice, bake and decorate a few whenever you need or want them. Prettily packaged, they make a sweet gift as well.

Mmmm. These Glazed Apple, Walnut and Oatmeal cookies are to die for! Mmmmuuuuaaaah ha ha ha ha!

Sweet Cider Glazed Apple, Walnut and Oatmeal Cookies have festive flavors and aren’t quite as heavy as some cookies…so you can eat more than one, not that I can only eat one anyway!

Maamool 4

Ma’amool is a Middle Eastern treat in the form of a fruit or nut stuffed semolina cookie that is molded into beautiful shapes. They taste as good as they look, too! No mold? No worries. You can seal them and decorate with the tines of a fork.

Toffee Bars are a wonderful gift to make and give to that special someone that you want to thank for all that they do. These were my gift to the Firemen who came to our house when it was struck by lightning. They are truly gift-worthy!

Hors d’Oeuvres, Noshes, Appetizers and Snacks

While I don’t snack during the day at all, I do love a good nosh with a glass of wine or a cocktail before dinner. Here are some of my faves to make as gifts and some more faves to make to serve.

almonds1R2olives4Glazed Red Pepper and Fennel Almonds are a hit with everyone and won’t last long at a party…or in your home in general. They’re a most welcome gift for a cocktail nibble or appetizer, and a few sprinkled atop a green salad with some fruit are a lovely way to enjoy them, too. You’ll also find these savory Provençal Olives in this post. They keep well for about a month or so, and make a great hostess gift. These two together as appetizers or tapas are a dynamic duo.

jarsfinal1This Walnut Thyme Honey is just amazing drizzled over cheese for a quick and impressive appetizer. Needless to say, it makes a lovely gift.

wholeplateMy Retro Cheese and Olive Bites make a “can’t believe how good these are” do-ahead-and-freeze appetizer to bake when needed, then serve or give away. They are truly addictive, so be sure to make enough for yourself and some to share. Also in this same post are the equally fabulous make-ahead-and-freeze Bacon Wrapped Dates with Pistachios and Apricots.


Two more lively appetizers for entertaining are found in another post: Mini Crab Cakes with Lemon Chive Aioli and Goat Cheese and Fresh Basil Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes. While the crab cakes take a little work, they can be made ahead and frozen, then rewarmed when needed. And the stuffed tomatoes are just too darn easy and good to be ignored. Seasonal colors, too.

Bathed in that late afternoon cocktail glow.

These Artichoke Squares are truly a revival of a favorite. A throwback recipe, circa 1960 or so, that I’ve updated with some fresh ingredients. These are the perfect accompaniment to cocktails, are rich little bites and can be made ahead, frozen and then warmed as needed. What more can you ask for in an appetizer?

Drink and Be Merry!


Cranberry Liqueur is the perfect gift and keeps at room temperature for a year. There’s still time to get a batch made for holiday giving or New Year’s tippling. Be sure to make some while fresh cranberries are still available.

Chai Tea Mix is fast and easy to make, and who doesn’t love a good hot cup of chai tea, any time of the year? Make your mix and package it in mason jars tied with pretty ribbon for a lovely hostess gift.

The Raindog


Champagne Cocktail


Christmas Dawn

My post wouldn’t be complete without a couple of my favorite cocktails to go with all of this food. Here are some classics, perfect for holiday entertaining. The Raindog is an easy variation on the classic martini, fortified with some fresh herbal essence and tasty olives. The timeless Champagne Cocktail will never go out of style and is easy to make for a crowd. And if you’ve also made the Cranberry Liqueur listed above, try out these Festive Holiday Cocktails for an extra Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


25 thoughts on “Gifts, Goodies and Greatest Hits

  1. The cranberry liquor sounds interesting and it sure would make a lovely gift. You have so many great recipes for Christmas. I’d love to try some of those crack cookies and they champagne cocktail sounds very festive xx

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the cookies. Your line-up sounds fantastic, what an amazing spread that would be! I’m very touched that you included the crinkle cookies in your beautiful spread.

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  3. So many great gift ideas, Betsy, especially if you’re prone to giving homemade edibles like I am. I had planned on including cookies in the baskets/bags this year but I kinda over did it with the canned and pickled items. Even so, I’m giving them all away. I want my dining room table back!
    I’m going to pin this for future reference. Thanks for taking the time to assemble and organize it.


  4. I’m seeing a few of my favorites on here and a few really great looking “new” recipes! Those bars look so good! Also, I’d kind of forgotten about ice-box cookies. My Mom and Grandma used to make them all the time. My “job” was to cut them with string. I remember how exciting it was when the dough was wrapped up and put in the fridge and the anticipation built!


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