Bits and Breadcrumbs is in essence a blog about adventures in food and living life.

My wish is to share and exchange some experiences, recipes and tips, and explore how food and drink bring us together in so many different ways—through the seeking, the growing, the cooking, the sharing and primarily, the eating of it!

My ultimate desire is to promote the enjoyment of all things food-related as a trail along the path towards living a full and happy life.

betsy cashiers croppedsmccI’m Betsy Burts: Graphic designer and clay artist, passionate home cook, lover of good food and drink, supporter of organic, sustainable, local and non-GMO foods, and a Southern born and bred gal based in the Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia area of the United States.


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  1. Thanks so much, Renee! I’m so happy that you visited and even happier that you enjoyed. Please do check back—subscribe if you want to, and you’ll be notified each time I put up a new post. ~Betsy


  2. Hi Betsy, I’m Rhoda and new to blogging. I was introduced to your blog through A Hint of Garlic. I love it! Your passion for all things foodie really comes through in your writing. Your post on Fall (we call it Autumn in Ireland) is fantastic and I agree with a lot of your reason for loving this time of year. Hope to pick up lots of tips through following your posts. Rhoda :O)


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  4. Hi, Betsy. Jim and I enjoyed having Elizabeth join us for lunch today. She told us about your blog and it’s now on my Favorites list! I will certainly look forward to seeing this. Thanks! Hope there’s a good report and you all are able to visit next week!


    • Hi Barbara, thanks so much for checking out my blog, this is wonderful! If it’s easier, you can subscribe on the home page and you’ll get an email each time I post…no others, just when a new post is up. We are all “go” to come over for a visit next week, and can’t wait. It should be a fun time. ~Betsy


  5. Hi Betsy – You continue to inspire me… Now, a question for any and all chefs, from a not-so-great cook: I lost a favorite recipe for Salmon Pasta Salad and am wondering if anyone has anything similar, of if they could create one for me. This recipe called for canned salmon, sea-shell pasta, and probably used celery, onion, and maybe capers, though I can’t say for sure. The dressing had a mayonnaise-mustard base and was not sweet. It may have used a bit of horse-radish, but again, don’t recall for certain. Would love some feedback or suggestions. – Cathy


    • Hi Cathy, and you are so sweet…what a lovely compliment! Salmon pasta salad, hmmm. I haven’t seen anything quite like that, and it would be hard to exactly recreate without having tasted it, but I will give it some thought. Do you remember if it had dill weed in it? I’m guessing maybe some red onion for the onion? I may give it a whirl soon since I have some canned salmon on hand, and see what I come up with. I will let you know! ~Betsy


  6. Hello Betsy
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my little blog. I just thought I would let you know that my blog has moved and is now bighungrygnomes.co.uk. Unfortunately, if you want to remain subscribed to my blog, you will have re-subscribe to this new address. I realise this is a little bit of a nuisance but I would really appreciate your continuing support and interest in my blog


    • We are close, Linda, you’re in the northwest quadrant of the city and I’m in the northeast to east side, inside the perimeter. I hope you’re starting to feel a bit more at home here…it’s a big city, but a friendly one. I came here almost 30 years ago and haven’t left yet! 🙂


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  8. Betsy! I didn’t get to talk to you the other night. I wish I had! (at Cindy Zarilli’s opening) I am going to sign up and follow you. I too have a blog on wordpress. Each day I post a collage from my installation I had in New York last March. Would love to hear your opinion!!!! BTW ran across one of your recipes in my card file the other day and was reminded of your blog. Sorry I have been remiss.


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  10. Review of Fuegorita on Bits and Breadcrumbs?

    Hi Betsy,

    I’ve checked out your blog and wanted to know how to submit our product or a recipe with our product for you to review?

    Our product, Fuegorita (fuegorita.com), is the hottest, dry pepper blend in the market — think crushed red pepper but A LOT hotter! We’re a small startup, founded by a spicy food-loving couple (Tony and Carmen), and we’re trying to get our feet from underneath us by getting more exposure on review sites and with social influencers.

    If you’d be willing to try it out, I could send you a sample? Either way, I’d love to talk more about Fuegorita and how it can be featured on your site.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.


    Moshe “Moe” Eshaghian
    Marketing Director
    Peppe Bandits, LLC
    Maker of Fuegorita®

    Insta/TW/FB: @Fuegorita


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