Bacon Wrapped Dates with Apricot and Pistachios

From the post: Party On!

Bacon Wrapped Dates is a Martha Stewart recipe that is super simple and makes 32 pieces, but can be easily adjusted to make as many as you need. Click the live title link at the beginning of this paragraph for the recipe. These can also be made ahead, frozen and then baked at the same temperature as the cheese olives, so they’re good companions for a party. I have some of them on hand in the freezer sitting next to the cheese olives!

One quick tip: mine did not take as much time to bake as Martha says, and you need to watch them carefully so the bacon cooks through, but doesn’t burn. Don’t use thick cut bacon because it won’t stay wrapped or cook through.


2 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Dates with Apricot and Pistachios

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