Buttermilk Basil Sorbet

This recipe is from the post: Summer In the South: A Few of My Favorite Things

This Weight Watcher’s recipe for Buttermilk Basil Sorbet is terrific, and perhaps my favorite. Follow the link and enjoy.

Tips and Tricks:

Make sure the basil and the lime zest are minced very finely.

Start this one day ahead of when you want to eat it. It will be too soft when it comes out of the ice cream freezer and will need another 12 hours in the freezer to be sorbet texture.

My own variations on this: Blueberry-Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet and Strawberry-Orange Buttermilk Sorbet with Grand Marnier.

Another really tasty variation came from Susan H. and it’s a Nectarine-Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet with Bourbon.


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