Awards Awarded!

A big thanks to all of my wonderful fellow bloggers for your encouragement during my first year, and now beyond, by doing me the honor of passing along these fine awards.
Your kindness and support is limitless.

Since I no longer meet the initial criteria for receiving most of these types of awards, I’m gracefully (I hope) bowing out of receiving them, as I have more than my fair share!

It’s my hope that this will encourage passing the torch of fellow blogger awards along to some new up-and-coming blogs to help them gain subscribers and followers, and make them feel as well-loved. I do so appreciate all the good words and will you’ve bestowed upon me in the form of the following awards and their related posts: Liebster BlogVersatile BloggerFood Bloggers Unplugged10 QuestionsThe Sunshine Award, Kreativ Blogger, The Stylish Blogger, Irresistibly Sweet BlogABC (Awesome Blog Content) AwardVery Inspiring Blogger Award, Beautiful Blogger Award


10 Questions


Tell me what you think... I love comments! :)

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