Sure Jell Recipe for Blueberry Jam

This recipe is from the post: We’re Jammin’

Though I am not a fan of adding pectin or any additives to food, here is the tried and true recipe for Blueberry Jam on the Sure-Jell pectin package. They neglect to tell you here that you mash the berries one cup at a time with a potato masher to “prepare” the fruit, but if you buy the Sure-Jell, I believe recipe is in the package and it tells you this!


6 thoughts on “Sure Jell Recipe for Blueberry Jam

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    • It really is easy once you get over the fear of the canning process. I’ve got my jars all lined up and my processing pot ready to go for my next batch, but haven’t made more since my initial We’re Jammin’ post, darn it!


  2. Today I bought 5 packages of Surejell. Not one of them had the recipe page inside. I am not a happy camper. How much of the fruit and sugar to use and the recipe for how to is on that sheet. Now how am I going to make strawberry freezer jam?


  3. I am not new to making jam. I made strawberry and it turned out just right. Then I made strawberry/Rhubarb and Blueberry jam. They both turned out runny. I followed the directions to the T. I have never had jam “not set” before.


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