Bits with Jam

Now that I’ve made all this great jam, what the heck am I going to do with it? I’m keeping some for gifts, but in addition to spreading it on a buttered biscuit, toast, scone or English muffin…not that there’s anything wrong with that…I do have some quick and easy ideas.

Use Peach-Orange Marmalade or Blueberry Jam swirled into thick Greek yogurt for a yummy and quick morning breakfast.

Make a Tartine using Drunken Fig Jam, prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula for a quick lunch or dinner. Or, use the same combo as a small bite on thinly sliced baguette for an appetizing bruschetta, eliminating the prosciutto if you don’t eat meat.

Try Cinnamon Plum Chutney alongside an herbed and grilled pork tenderloin. It would also be outstanding on roast turkey during the holidays and definitely has a festive flavor.

And here are even more ways to use jams and chutneys:

•  Spoon jam or chutney over soft goat cheese or cream cheese and serve with crackers
for a quick and easy appetizer.
•  Fig jam is an excellent addition to a cheese plate.
•  Take some jam along on your next picnic and serve with baguette, cheeses, thinly sliced
prosciutto and sopressata.
•  You can “melt” jam over, or serve alongside, your favorite roast pork or chicken dish.
•  Try the fig jam, blueberry jam or marmalade as a substitute for the traditional raspberry
jam in a thumbprint shortbread cookie.
•  Use fig or peach jam or marmalade between the layers of a spice cake.
•  Make tasty tea sandwiches by spreading slices of banana bread with cream cheese and
the peach-orange marmalade, then cut them into fingers.
•  Use peach-orange marmalade or jam as a glaze for hot chicken wings.
•  Dress up a cheesecake by topping it with blueberry jam or peach-orange marmalade.
•  Swirl jams into ice cream or drizzle a little on top.
•  Spoon jam on top of French toast, pancakes or waffles.
•  Mix in a bit of jam with your favorite bread pudding recipe or melt some on the
finished product.
•  Use jam to fill homemade jelly doughnuts.
•  Spread peach, raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry jam, or the peach-orange marmalade on the bottom of your favorite sweet tart crust, top with mixed fresh berries and fruits, and glaze the fruit with a bit more jam to make a fabulous fresh fruit tart.
•  Mix some peach-orange marmalade into your favorite barbeque sauce.
•  Use jam instead of jelly in a jelly roll.
•  Add some jam to your favorite trifle recipe.

And last but not least, make yourself a nice, fat, PB&J! If you’ve got any more great food ideas for using up jam, please share.


5 thoughts on “Bits with Jam

  1. I have been reading and enjoying your blog. I wanted to let you know how hard or I guess I should say hot and time consuming making all of those jams was. They are really beautiful and your tips were very imaginative.


    • Karen, thank you so much for your very kind words, and it makes me happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog. It WAS a long first effort making all that jam, but fun—and fortunately there were two of us to do the work—and we had air-conditioning, thank goodness! I’m now a jam eating and jam making convert.

      I really enjoy reading your blog, too, and check in every day. It’s like taking a little vacation to New England.~Betsy


  2. Fantastic! Betsy. Thank you for the heads up on the Drunken Fig recipe which I will be posting today. I have enough figs for 6 half pint jars, the rest goes to the birds. My only preserve history is when I was pregnant 37 years ago, I got a jones to make apple-mint jelly. It took hours, because I did not boil it long enough, I had to pour all the liquid back into the pan and re-boil!


    • Lynn, you are so right about the boiling process, and thanks for your comment. One very important thing I learned was that preserves or jellies have to come to a rolling boil that won’t go down when you stir it. Then you can turn it down to a simmer and keep on until it is the right consistency. The Drunken Fig Jam comes out very thick since the figs have a lot of natural pectin. Good luck with your jam and let me know how it turns out! ~Betsy


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