Bits with Jam

Now that I’ve made all this great jam, what the heck am I going to do with it? I’m keeping some for gifts, but in addition to spreading it on a buttered biscuit, toast, scone or English muffin…not that there’s anything wrong with that…I do have some quick and easy ideas.

Use Peach-Orange Marmalade or Blueberry Jam swirled into thick Greek yogurt for a yummy and quick morning breakfast. Continue reading


We’re Jammin’

Each year I see all these wonderful recipes for canned goodies—homemade pickles, relishes, chutney, jams, marmalades, conserves, preserves, jellies, sun-dried tomatoes—and I SO long to make my own and try them out, give them as gifts to friends, and have a bit of summer sunshine stored for my own winter pantry.

But there’s been a problem: contemplating the process has caused great fear and trepidation in my soul. Even though it’s one of the most common ways to preserve homegrown foods, and is quite a simple process handed down through generations of folks, I just have not been able to bring myself to attempt it. So why all the angst? In three words: sterilization, pasteurization and the worst thought of all, botulism. Doing anything connected with those words made me want to run in the opposite direction. Continue reading