Basic “Baked” Grilled Potatoes

This recipe is from the post: Taters 101, 2, 3

Cooks note: I love to throw these on the grill when we’re cooking burgers, kabobs or some other veggies. These have all the satisfaction of a baked potato but with the addition of nice caramelization from the high heat of the grill.

Two small new potatoes per person, scrubbed and cut into equal sized halves lengthwise
1 rounded teaspoon unsalted butter per potato
pinch of salt and two grinds of fresh black pepper per potato
1 8-inch long piece of heavy aluminum foil per potato

Place the foil square on a flat surface and put one halved potato side by side lengthwise into the middle of the foil, cut side up. Place 1/2 teaspoon butter on each of the cut sides, then sprinkle evenly with the salt and pepper. Gather the two long edges of the foil together in the middle above the potato, and fold the edges down about 1/2 inch. Continue rolling the foil down in about 1/2″ folds until it meets the top of the potato. Take the open ends and fold them in twice to secure the packet. Repeat with as many potatoes as you need.

Place the potato packets cut side up onto a hot grill and cover, allowing the potatoes to cook for about 10 minutes, turn the packets over and cook for about 10 more minutes, covered. Place the potatoes off the the side of the grill and allow them to cook for about 10-15 more minutes, turning occasionally, while you are cooking whatever else you plan to grill. Potatoes are done when you gently squeeze them with tongs and the sides give easily like a baked potato. Remove from the grill. Carefully open the foil packets and serve as is, or with a little sour cream or crème fraiche.

Recipe ©2011 Betsy Burts. All reproduction rights reserved.


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