Comments, interrupted!

I have absolutely no idea why this is happening or what made it happen, but as you may or may not now know…you can’t comment on my last post about the Artichoke Squares, which should be comment-able, at least. But, it’s been reposted and with a modified title and the newest one allows commenting. Go figure.

Never happened before. Didn’t touch a thing…no diagnosis from WordPress yet…I got nada.

But, I did want to thank all of you who have read and visited my latest post, and “Liked” it, which is all it would let you do.

Rest assured, I’d never “Close” my comments, so this is a technical glitch of some sort.

Thanks for reading, visiting, and your desire to comment! Until this is resolved, (now seems to be as I reposted) you can always reach me on my Bits and Breadcrumbs Facebook page…click the “Like” box at the right for Facebook (if you are on it) on the home page of this blog and it will take you there and give you feeds. And you can also email me if you have an urgent question.

So sorry for any frustration this has caused. I imagine it is mostly me who’s frustrated. Hopefully they will tell me how I can fix it soon.

Or they can fix it soon.

Someone fix it soon.

Thanks for your support!


P.S. I’ve just seen that you CAN comment on this post…like that makes sense…so if you want to comment HERE about the Artichoke Squares THERE then I certainly welcome your comments wherever they can be made! 🙂



23 thoughts on “Comments, interrupted!

  1. That is a shame.. but I’m commenting here! I love a great appie that can be frozen ahead! I don’t have many recipes like this so I’m thinking I need to compile a list.. Then on the day of a get-together, I can just reheat everything and enjoy my own party!
    Re you blog post… I had one post that I think got “corrupted” for no apparent reason. I think I actually cut, paste and made a new post. So, if you don’t hear from wordpress, that might be the solution:D xx


    • It was really freaky. I kept seeing all these “likes” and after a while I realized no one could comment. Then a fellow blogger confirmed that on my Facebook page. Now WP says the “allow comments” box was unchecked on the post (I restored the post so they could troubleshoot), but at the time, I looked at that feature and it WAS checked. I even replied via my admin to see if it would show up but no dice. Fixed now, tho. Ghosts in the Machine! 🙂


  2. I noticed it too but didn’t have a chance to email. I loved the post BTW, artichoke being a HUGE favourite over here. I know I’m going to make it…just have to figure out when so I’m not the only one or two eating it!


    • It’s all fixed now, but we still don’t know exactly what happened. Somehow the allow comments button unchecked itself. But when I first posted, it WAS checked and I had no comment capabilities. After I removed the post and then restored it, you could see the button was unchecked and, when checked, all the functionality came back. Goblins! As to eating all of these, freeze at least half when you make them! I’m not kidding. This is the best freezing appetizer you’ll ever see or try. You can’t tell it was frozen when you thaw, warm and serve them. 🙂


  3. I can imagine how frustrated you must’ve been… a lot like me when someone hacked into my blog and changed all the ‘new & improved’ changes I’d made. As Roseann Roseanna Danna used to say, “It’s always SOMETHING!”


    • Wow, that would be nice if I ever topped my comments section, but no, probably not going to happen, LOL! 🙂 Actually it was some momentary glitch in the software. You CAN comment on the original post and the repost now…we still don’t know how the comments were turned off, initially. I, for sure, did not do it, but all is well now and that’s all that matters. Happy Sunday, Cecilia, and thanks for stopping by.


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