Party Arty and Artichoke Dip

For now, I'll get by with a little plug for my friends....

‘Tis the season of art openings for all of my arty friends, and we try to go and support as many as we can, because, well, we love their work and it’s lots of fun! Amongst them are painters and woodworkers, weavers and jewelry artisans, and of course…closest to my heart…the potters. I was a hand builder of pottery for many years and enjoyed having a studio locally with some friends. Although circumstances forced me to bow out of my studio and take a rather long sabbatical from clay, I love staying in touch with these folks and being inspired by their creations.

We spent last night and will spend a good part of today and next weekend attending these events, being of good cheer, reconnecting with and supporting friends. If you are in our area this weekend or next, do take some time to check out these folks and their work. At each event you will see more cards and flyers for other arts and craft events as well because all these folks have networked together…there are tons of them these two weekends! Just seeing all that pottery is making me want to get back into it again, and this time learn how to throw and make some serving bowls and dinnerware! New Year’s Resolution to self: do this! Continue reading