The Tale of The Little Chicken That Could, Part III: Risotto, the Essence of a Chicken and the End?

Dark roasted chicken stock + caramelized onions + balsamic drizzle = delectable risotto, but perhaps not the prettiest or most colorful you've ever seen!

There’s been a roasted chicken, and then chicken pot pies, and now the time has come to wind up this tale of The Little Chicken That Could with his final bequest: Chicken Essence, AKA the roasted chicken stock, and what to do with it!

Now of course, soup is a wonderful thing, and having homemade stock on hand in your freezer is like having a warm security blanket….at least once you warm it, it is. Rest assured, there will be soup in the future. But the little chicken had another idea for the home cook as well… Continue reading

The Tale of the Little Chicken That Could, Part II: Individual Chicken Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pies with Lemon-Thyme Sweet Potato Biscuit. Ready to eat? Yes indeed.

And now for the second chapter of our little tale…

So it came to pass that the little chicken grew up to become a fabulous roasted chicken with lovely moist meat and savory pan juices. The home cook and her husband were very satisfied at dinner that night, and the little chicken was very…well…appreciated.

But this was just the beginning of the tale for this happy little chicken, oh yes! For you see, he had some special secrets he’d shared with the home cook, secrets that would honor a fine chicken and feed a family of two or more for several days. He foretold of many ways the home cook could enjoy him beyond an initial roasting, as well as have fun making new dishes in her kitchen. Continue reading