What to do with Leftover Loot?

The Halloween trick-or-treaters have now come and gone. Kids will awake tomorrow in a sugar coma, and the adults won’t be much better. On a few occasions, we’ve ended up with not enough candy for the big night and had to run out for more.

The “not enough” is a scary thing, but the “too much” may be even scarier. I’m normally not a big candy eater, and yet each year I find myself eating my share of Halloween candy while we wait on the treat-sters, whether or not I really want it, and the next day…I never want to see a candy bar again! Sound familiar?

Here’s a little list I’ve compiled of some creative things to do with all that leftover candy. Of course you can always just donate it, or eat it yourself…after all, Halloween only comes once a year! Continue reading