A (not so) funny thing…

Gimme a hand!

Gimme a hand!

…happened on the way out of town for Christmas. Yep. In a year already full of, shall we say, interesting events, I somehow managed to sprain my knuckle in a most peculiar way while winterizing our deck. Don’t ask me how exactly one can actually sprain or throw a knuckle out of joint by simply flicking a drop of water off of one’s finger while at the same time holding three empty tea candles and an empty plastic bag…but I did it!

All to say that both cooking and typing have slowed tremendously this week as I was finally forced to bandage my hand to keep from continuously popping the knuckle and so that it can have a chance to heal. As I am right handed, my left hand is really getting a workout trying to keep up.

So let this be a lesson to you all to stay in the relative safety and warmth of your kitchens with your sharp knives, lest you risk debilitating injury by traversing outdoors for but a moment. Thank goodness I’ll have just enough flexibility to hold a glass of champagne in a couple of days!

Have a safe and warm weekend. ~Betsy