A Little Bolt and Jolt

We’re experiencing a little delay in our regular programming here at Bits and Breadcrumbs this week. We’ve had a hiccup in the form of a freakish storm yesterday morning and a bolt of lightning hitting a tree and then jumping to our chimney, resulting in a big mess and lots of soot.

All inhabitants of the house are okay, no fire (luckily), and we got power back on late yesterday. The damaged tree hasn’t come down so far, but we have a chimney missing up top and much of its interior wall and firebox came down into the living room. We have clean up crews for the soot and mortar all over the interior of the house, some zapped electrical systems and equipment to deal with…and so on. And did I mention clean up crews? Lots and lots of clean up and contractors, to be followed by lots of construction to rebuild the chimney, firebox and surround, then plastering and paint.

And yet, we were very, very lucky. Had the tree not taken the bolt and if the lightning had struck the chimney cap first, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing, most likely, as the top of the house would have been in flames. Or had the chimney fallen into our bedroom (which is right next to it and where we were at the time), the story would be quite different. Thank you big tree.

Since this happened (and it seems like a week has passed since yesterday morning), my reading and commenting on others’ posts has been non-existent, the cooking has been interrupted, and our days are filled with folks coming and going. But I will be back online and returning to our regular programming soon. We are thankful it wasn’t any worse and that none of us were actually hit. I will try and share some pictures in my next post once I get my main computer back online, and in the mean time, I hope you all have a pleasant and safe weekend.