Happy Valentine’s Day!

molten chocolate cake2This is one of my favorite sweet treats to make for Valentine’s Day or any occasion requiring a spectacular dessert. Molten Chocolate Cake. It’s easy to make and you can still make it for your Valentine this evening. It can also be made one day ahead and placed in the fridge, then brought to room temperature and baked when needed. I like to add just a touch of cinnamon to my batter for a little spicy warmth, and use vanilla bean ice cream on top. Make 1/3 of the recipe for two, if that’s where you’re headed. This isn’t my recipe, but it’s one I use over and over again, and I highly recommend it! You can find the recipe by clicking here.

Need more quick Valentine’s ideas?

Coeur a la creme by candlelight...very romantic!

Coeur a la creme by candlelight…very romantic!

Coeur à la crème click here.

Milk Chocolate and Orange Pots de Creme for dessert!

Milk Chocolate and Orange Pots de Creme for dessert!

Milk Chocolate and Orange Pots de Crème click here. Just add a little orange zest to make my version.


Hope you have a lovely day one and all!

Time to Catch Up with Some Recipes New and Old

Potsdecreme1I’m in denial that February is almost over. It seems like this year is flying by even faster than the last. Although for those of you in the northern U.S. and Canada who have had weeks upon weeks of tremendous snow, I’m sure Spring can’t arrive fast enough!

So what’s been happening here? Well, we’ve tried to get back into our wonderful hiking schedule every Saturday, but winter weather—even here in the deep south—can be daunting. We’ve managed a few nice, long hikes so far this year, but will probably  have to wait until March or so to get back to our routine. Here are a few scenes from some those hikes and as you can see, even winter forest is quite lovely. Enjoy these moments of peace and solitude along with the myriad of textures and pattern that a winter forest reveals. Continue reading