Orzo with Lemon, Asparagus and Ham

Light and Lively…oh wait, that’s a yogurt isn’t it?

You know how sometimes you’re just putzing around in your kitchen and you remember some ingredient that’s been in the pantry for a while? You meant to use it before now, really you did! A perfectly good, even wonderful, ingredient like that little tin of some special something, that interesting package of pasta, dried beans, a grain of some type, that pesto. Well in my case it was, and is, orzo. Continue reading

Cheater Pizza

All dressed up and ready for dinner.

Really, I shouldn’t dis this pizza by calling it “cheater”…it’s actually delicious pizza. It’s my fall back when I’ve been working all day and it’s really too late to make dinner. I call it cheating because, I confess it, I keep some whole wheat pre-made (cheater) pizza crust in my fridge. I know, home made is so much better, but when it’s 8 p.m. on a weeknight after I’ve been working all day, and I don’t already have some crust of my own made, the last thing I want to do is make pizza dough. It’s so easy to just pull out some cheater crust, place it on my peel, throw on some toppings, slide it onto my pizza stone, and in 12 minutes I’ve got a really tasty, crispy pizza, lickety-split! Continue reading