CSA Today

Get ready, get set, open!

Thursday is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) day and I awake on these days filled with the anticipation of a wonderful box of fruit and veggies coming my way. I am child-like in my excitement—it’s much like opening a present. And once I see all the beautiful colors of the fresh produce inside my box, my mind begins to race—thinking about what I want to make, how I want to play with the ingredients and what new recipe experiments I might try!

The best ingredients make the best food!

This week’s box is a custom order of snap beans, Tuscan kale, summer squash, Vidalia onions, new potatoes and peaches. My game plan for the kale is to use it during the weekend to make my recipe for Penne with Kale, Sausage and Roasted Tomatoes, and I’ll post that recipe later on. Squash and Vidalias will probably be used in a casserole at a later date as well. But tonight’s dinner consists of Greek-inspired snap beans stewed with tomatoes, onions, fresh oregano and topped with feta, plus new potatoes roasted with rosemary. And who knows? Some red speckled cheese grits may be on the side.

Our CSA (www.moorefarmsandfriends.com) is a cooperative of multiple organic and sustainable farms versus a single entity, allowing for subscriptions on a smaller scale and customization, which I just love. For an annual membership fee of $25, you can make a minimum order of $20 any week you want to order, but aren’t obligated to order every week. I highly recommend trying out a CSA (or Creative Suppers Await, as I like to think of it). Not only do you help support the great cause of local and organic farming, but you provide yourself and your family with some of the best-tasting food and the inspiration to do some creative cooking with seasonal ingredients. Happy eating, y’all!


4 thoughts on “CSA Today

  1. Betsy, this is awesome! I’ve been wanting to try a CSA so thanks for the rec. You and your recipes rock and I agree about summer, it gets better each year when I think of all the possiblities… xo, ~Christy


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