Winter’s Welcome: Things to Love About the Season

Last year's snow.

As winter is fully upon us by January and I’ve done posts on summer and fall, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about those things that I love most about this season. One of the things I love about winter is snow…probably because we have so little of it down here in the south. And if it does snow? Every man, woman, child, dog and cat…we all as one become excited little children when it snows here, taking great delight in our snow days off from work or school, making snowmen, snow women and snow angels, following the trails of icy footprints in the snow. And then there’s the sledding…even if we only have the tiniest bit of snow or ice, southerners will sled on cardboard boxes, garbage can lids, plastic saucers and of course, sleds. I can hear the chuckles of you seasoned masters of the icy stuff in the more northern and snowy climes. Yes, I know we’d feel differently if we really had snow to deal with, but understand, even the mere mention of a snow flurry can shut this southern metropolis down in it’s tracks…willingly! Alas, we’ve had none so far this season, but hope springs eternal.

What we have had is some lovely cool weather and blue skies, and some rather warmish wet days, and the other night…a rare and beautiful fog rolled in.

Streetlights shine like the moon in a foggy night.

Besides the pros and cons of the weather, there are many other things to like about winter’s months, and here are a few of my personal faves. What are yours?


Watching a bonfire outdoors is mesmerizing.

owls, woodpeckers and cardinals

Our young owl friend in the back yard.

comfort foods

Bourbon and Mustard Glazed Roast Pork with Roasted Butternut Squash Salad.

snuggling before a fireplace watching a good movie


Thumbelina the napmaster at work.

Downton Abbey, season 2

warming drinks, cocktails and beers

“The Cries of Silent Men” cocktail from 4th and Swift, Atlanta.

snow if you got it

planning trips and endeavors for spring

warm kitties on the bed at night

Snuggly warm kitty girls.

Valentine’s Day

Deutz Brut Classic is a lovely bottle to share with your Valentine.

St. Patrick’s Day

My new paper potmaker, a purchase inspired by Celi over at the Kitchens Garden.

starting your seedlings

Thankfully, I have some time to practice making these paper pots before planting my seedlings destined for the raised bed garden below.

winter greens: chard, kale and collards

Dishes with chard, kale and collards, yum!


Split pea soup with ham.

gloves and mittens, sweaters and boots

Leon’s Full Service winter cocktail menu

no more pine straw falling

Finally, a pine straw free zone!

days getting longer

Cinderella's pirate look.

Happy Winter!


39 thoughts on “Winter’s Welcome: Things to Love About the Season

    • They are cute girlies, aren’t they? Winter isn’t my favorite month…that might be a toss up between spring and fall, but I think there are things to love about every season. 🙂 Thanks, Mandy, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your favorite season right now!


  1. Snow is a complete thrill here in the Northern California Bay Area. I’ve seen kids mistake hail for snow. It happens once every five years or so. I love the reading time, the quieter nights (no one out on their decks), the lemons, the soups and stews. And I love winter clothing: cashmere and rainboots and a warm wool coat. Winter provides excuses to bake and cook to get the kitchen warm and excuses to eat things like pecan or walnut pie because you need more calories in winter, right? I like the look of bare trees. My birthday is in February, so I have to like February. Cats, fires, being inside when it is cold and wet.


    • Ah yes, I forgot to add books and quieter nights…those two are good ones! And of course the kitchen is a good place to be…I’d mentioned that in my list on the fall post, but it applies to winter for sure, and perhaps even more! And pecans…I also forgot about those. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things, too, Sharyn! I love sharing! 🙂


  2. Oh you got a pot maker!! yay. Plus that snuggly cat is huge and wow you have an owl!? now let me remember the trick to keeping those pots together. Fold the base in as you roll, and fold the last last wee bit back in as you get to the end before the smashing bit. Man that is hard to explain in words.. I often fold my paper in half length ways as well. Ok i will make some more tomorrow with my brain IN gear! c


    • We have an amazing amount of wildlife around here considering we’re in the heart of a city. We have a park in the middle of our circle, a small preserve behind us and large parks and green spaces all around. Within our block we have families of red-tailed hawks and lots of different kinds of owls…they just don’t usually pose like this one did! Thanks for the tips on the pots…it DOES seem like folding to make a double thickness would make a sturdier pot. I saw a bad video on the net showing how to do it, and clearly it’s not working well!


  3. Love being able to see the true lay of the land through the trees, a better view of wildlife and birds, and curling up with the chihuahuas! (they bark hello by the way!)


  4. I’m in south Florida, no chance of snow here at all, but when the temps drop enough for a fire, I’m so excited!! Beautiful photos…love the wooden areas, owls and of course, your cute little kitties!!


    • You know, when you have the beach, I could trade that for snow I think! And a bonfire on the beach…it doesn’t get any better, does it? That wooded area is our back yard…we’re lucky to have lots of trees with winding paths through it, our own little piece of the woods. The kitties say thank you for the compliments!


  5. Ours is quickly becoming the Winter that never Was, and I don’t hear many complaining about the situation. Things may be viewed differently later in the year if the fields haven’t gotten enough moisture. I do not mind Winter, just its length. Here, Winter seems to go on forever and our Spring is a cloudy, cold, wet affair. Suddenly, in the latter half of June, the temps hit 90* and Summer is off and running. Without Winter’s bleakness, however, the Fall’s colors wouldn’t look so brilliant nor would Spring’s flowers so beautiful. Can’t have one without the other.


    • I’ve had more than a few friends who live or have lived in Chicago tell me horror stories of Winter there, and just how cold and windy it can get. I’ve never experienced that kind of snow and cold, so my views are rather romantic and naive on the subject of snow for sure! Here we feel somewhat the same way about Summer after a fashion, as the heat and pollution seem to go on forever. Our Winter has been all rain thus far, and that’s not a bad thing, just not as fun as snow. But as you pointed out, John, and it’s so true…we can’t have one without the other and I think each season makes us appreciate the others as well! 🙂


  6. There are a lot of things to like about winter like the comfort foods and snuggling up at night and staying in to watch movies but I must confess, I do prefer summer so much more! Perhaps it’s because we don’t get to experience snow in Sydney. Maybe if it snowed we would look forward to winter so much more.


    • For sure my favorite months are spring and fall here because they are more temperate and who doesn’t love the blooming and growth of spring and the colors of fall? I can surely appreciate those who love summer best, and I do love the long days. I think if I lived closer to water, I’d like summer a lot more. Being fairly land-locked in the city I live in is not ideal in the summer, but fortunately we have mountains and streams close by!


  7. One of my favorite things about winter is the clothes. I love to wear a cuddly warm sweater and a nice pair of wool slacks. I am loving this winter as we don’t have piles of snow…just a little with more tomorrow.


    • Hi Karen! I feel the same way about the cuddly clothes, though we haven’t had too much opportunity to wear them thus far. I’ve never been to New England in the winter and would love to experience that some time…it sure is lovely in the early summer!


  8. What a lovely post! If you had asked me 6 years ago which season was my favourite I´d have said summer…because in London we had so few good days. Now, although I do love the heat, I enjoy winter, spring and autmn too and enjoy the best that each season has to offer. Lovely journey through the winter…snow, fires, kitties, Downton Abbey and champagne…perfect!


    • Thank you, Tanya! I loved summer when I was a kid because I spent so much of it in the water. Particularly since I moved to this city, it has become less of my favorite season for a number of reasons, and lack of access to a body of water is one. Having said that, I’m like you…I enjoy the best that each season has to offer, and doing these posts for each season has reminded me of that, plus I’ve gotten some great ideas from other bloggers on new things to love about each season as well!


  9. Gorgeous post. Made me smile from start to finish. I love winter, and am already looking forward to ours, (although, it’s rather a small cold effort in Sydney.) The cat napper looks like she has the napping position down pat.


    • That cat’s speciality is napping…she uses a crafty feet planted firmly in your back position for sleeping in our bed, forcing us off the bed…she’s not spoiled, really! I’m afraid our winter is turning out to be rather a small cold effort as well, hippy. Even so, still things to love about it! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!


  10. Love your upbeat post, you must be a very optimistic person, Beautiful woodland photos, your owl is so adorable.Once upon a time I was going to make newspaper pots to start my seedlings, but somehow never got around to it, should give this project some thoughts.


    • Hi Norma, thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments! I try to be optimistic…I’m not a pollyanna, that’s for sure, but I do think it’s important to stop and smell the roses if you will…as often as you can, and to find beauty in ones life. I need some practice with my paper pots. They seem so easy to make, but there is a bit of a trick to them as Cecilia indicated above. I’m looking forward to starting my seeds…and I’m going to check out your blog right now!


  11. Would love to curl up by that bonfire right about now. It has been snowing today and it really makes me wish I could relax with a pair of those comfy slippers and relax on the couch. Alas, I have a ponytail throwing a tamtrum on my living room floor at the moment, so no such luck. Enjoyed the post!


    • Oh, Barb, I wish you could enjoy a bonfire, too! Do you have the same issues as Eva in that your city won’t allow bonfires? I hope by now the ponytail has settled down and your are relaxing snugly in warm slippers at least! Enjoy your snow, she says wistfully.


  12. I just LOVE all of these photos. There is something about that pork that just makes me wish I could eat it through the PC screen lol. The winter greens and the soup just scream winter, hearty and filling. I absolutely love all of these shots.. Great post


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