Winter’s Welcome: Things to Love About the Season

Last year's snow.

As winter is fully upon us by January and I’ve done posts on summer and fall, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about those things that I love most about this season. One of the things I love about winter is snow…probably because we have so little of it down here in the south. And if it does snow? Every man, woman, child, dog and cat…we all as one become excited little children when it snows here, taking great delight in our snow days off from work or school, making snowmen, snow women and snow angels, following the trails of icy footprints in the snow. And then there’s the sledding…even if we only have the tiniest bit of snow or ice, southerners will sled on cardboard boxes, garbage can lids, plastic saucers and of course, sleds. I can hear the chuckles of you seasoned masters of the icy stuff in the more northern and snowy climes. Yes, I know we’d feel differently if we really had snow to deal with, but understand, even the mere mention of a snow flurry can shut this southern metropolis down in it’s tracks…willingly! Alas, we’ve had none so far this season, but hope springs eternal. Continue reading