Holy Mole, It’s Chili!

This delicious chili starts off with a multi-colored fiesta of bell and chipotle peppers.

The fact that the first touch of cool weather turns my thoughts immediately to chili is one of the reasons I love the fall season so very much. I crave chili, and I happen to make a really mean chili—if I do say so myself! It’s deceptively healthier than most, being filled with veggies and two kinds of fiber-loaded beans. It’s also made with ground turkey breast instead of beef.

I can hear some of the groans out there…”oh, no,” you’re saying out loud, “not another turkey substitution for a traditional meat dish! Can’t this girl leave a good thing alone and just use beef in her chili?”

Well, yes…I can, but this particular recipe is REALLY better with turkey, and I know this because I first concocted the recipe with beef. Continue reading