Super Soup Supper

Fresh ingredients on hand inspired a terrific tasting soup!

A busy Monday work day and no time to get groceries for dinner…so what is for dinner?

Gotta pull out whatever I have and make up something good, but simple. Okay, I have butternut squash, onions, apples…sounds like a seasonal soup. What’s in the pantry? One carton of chicken stock, some light coconut milk…hey, now we’re talking. What else? Some Chinese Five Spice, some cayenne…some fresh ginger. Hmmm, an Asian-Inspired Butternut Squash Soup, that’s the ticket! Continue reading


Holy Mole, It’s Chili!

This delicious chili starts off with a multi-colored fiesta of bell and chipotle peppers.

The fact that the first touch of cool weather turns my thoughts immediately to chili is one of the reasons I love the fall season so very much. I crave chili, and I happen to make a really mean chili—if I do say so myself! It’s deceptively healthier than most, being filled with veggies and two kinds of fiber-loaded beans. It’s also made with ground turkey breast instead of beef.

I can hear some of the groans out there…”oh, no,” you’re saying out loud, “not another turkey substitution for a traditional meat dish! Can’t this girl leave a good thing alone and just use beef in her chili?”

Well, yes…I can, but this particular recipe is REALLY better with turkey, and I know this because I first concocted the recipe with beef. Continue reading