Holiday Happiness: Ham, Fontina and Spinach Bread Pudding

The proof was in the pudding...and now it's in my tummy!

I’m not making one thing for Thanksgiving Dinner today. We are home for the holiday and plan to dine out late this afternoon. I’m saving myself and looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner with my mom next month, but meanwhile, I did want to honor this holiday with something special for breakfast. I tore this recipe out of Gourmet Magazine 12 years ago, then made it so often that I mangled the tear sheet and had to transfer it, handwritten, into my personal recipe book (this was before the time of recipes on the internet), and now some parts are almost illegible from plain ‘ole custard spattering and use. This is my go-to holiday brunch dish, and I do believe this is the best savory bread pudding I’ve ever put in my mouth! Continue reading