A Year Ago…

What makes one start a blog? There are so many answers to that question that it boggles the mind.

For some, it’s a way to express their passion about what they enjoy doing most. For others, it’s a means to an end in pursuit of a writing career. And maybe for all of us, it’s a way to reach out of the loneliness that our human existence can sometimes have, and share common interests and conversation, while learning a thing or two in the process. Whatever one’s reason may be for starting a blog, the end result is exposing yourself to a whole new world. And that’s actually what I like about it the most! Continue reading


Going Coastal

A mighty fine oyster from the Indian Pass Raw Bar.

I’ve been a bit lazy and out of touch for a week now, and with good reason…I was on vacation with little to no cell or data service! In my Reflections on Fall post, I mentioned that one of my most favorite things about this season is experiencing Fall at the beach, and therefore, weekend before last, we headed to the coast for a family vacation to enjoy the autumnal peace and majesty of the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading