Can’t Beat the Heat? Try Firecracker Slaw and Corn with Chipotle Butter

Now THIS is a southern plate of food that makes me grin like a Cheshire Cat!

It’s said that you can beat the heat by eating spicy foods on a hot day. And as we all know, folks in many parts of the world employ this method in their cooking to induce sweat, which cools the body. So seein’ as how we’ve averaged at least 100 dry degrees around here for days on end, I’ll try anything, and fighting heat with heat works for me!

Of course I just happen to really enjoy spicy foods, which is a plus. As a child and for a long time after that, I couldn’t tolerate spicy, but once I developed a tolerance there was no stopping me! Since we celebrated Independence Day here this week with fireworks and cookouts, it seemed the perfect time to invent something new to enjoy the festivities in style, and that something was my Firecracker Slaw. Continue reading