The Tale of the Little Chicken That Could!

Once upon a time, there was a sale on whole organic chickens at Whole Foods. These were beautiful little chickens, certified organic stage 3, and individually wrapped…and it was a GOOD sale.

The day had dawned bright and sunny, the weekend was upon us, and the home cook went to the market on her lunch hour to purchase some milk and fruit to round out her grocery supply. She had no need of animal proteins on this beautiful, crisp day, being well endowed with veggies from her local CSA box.

She briskly strolled her cart down the aisles…easily ignoring the pitfalls of the cheese department and the bakery(!). And then suddenly, just as she rounded the paper goods aisle, harps started playing and angels started singing…it was Friday you see, the big one day sale! And there they were, all those little chickens…lined up side by side in the refridgerator case, waiting patiently to pounce on unsuspecting shoppers. Continue reading


A luscious little soup

The minute it gets cool and fall-ish like last weekend, my mind switches over to soup mode, and although it’s warming up again here where we live, it’s never too early to make a great soup…especially one that’s just as good warm as it is hot.

This spicy peanut and sweet potato soup checks a lot of boxes for me: 1. it’s savory,  2. it’s spicy,  3. it’s a teensy bit sweet, but in a savory sort of way (does that make sense?),  4. it has a teensy bit of Asian flair to it, too  5. also a teensy bit of an African flair to it,  6. I’ve used the word “teensy” too many times, haven’t I?,  7. leftovers freeze and reheat well, if you have any leftover,  8. it’s healthy, but it doesn’t necessarily taste “healthy,”  9. it’s easy to make,  10. it’s great for a light lunch or dinner,  11. it uses up a lot of items I have in my pantry and from my CSA box.
Need I say more? Continue reading