Get Sauced

Vanilla bean and coffee ice creams slathered in chocolate sauce. Stop me before I eat it all!

Everyone is so busy this time of year in the midst of the holiday season. So much to do, so much to bake, so much to make, so little time.

Over the years I’ve done my share of stressing over the holidays, and although I enjoy them a whole lot, as I get older I do feel at times that the thought of all I MUST do, keeps me from doing some of the things I WANT to do, namely spend more time with friends and family. That’s why I always like to keep a little dessert trick in my back pocket so that when I’m entertaining I can pull something out for a “homemade” show-stopping dessert involving very little of my time. This is an easy chocolate sauce that I like to call by the very original name of: The Best Chocolate Sauce. Continue reading