Get Sauced

Vanilla bean and coffee ice creams slathered in chocolate sauce. Stop me before I eat it all!

Everyone is so busy this time of year in the midst of the holiday season. So much to do, so much to bake, so much to make, so little time.

Over the years I’ve done my share of stressing over the holidays, and although I enjoy them a whole lot, as I get older I do feel at times that the thought of all I MUST do, keeps me from doing some of the things I WANT to do, namely spend more time with friends and family. That’s why I always like to keep a little dessert trick in my back pocket so that when I’m entertaining I can pull something out for a “homemade” show-stopping dessert involving very little of my time. This is an easy chocolate sauce that I like to call by the very original name of: The Best Chocolate Sauce.

Retro recipes with timeless appeal.

It really is the best, though, and can be made from ingredients you likely have on hand. Unlike ganache styled sauces, this one is actually a true hot fudge sauce, which never gets hard though it does become firm as it cools. I hate to say it, but it’s almost as good cold as hot (see warning below.) This recipe is from a fine old 1958 cookbook from my hometown called “Favorite Florence Foods.” The book was published by Trinity Episcopal Church, and was a staple in my mom’s kitchen when I was growing up, and now it is in mine, too. This recipe is attributed to Jane Foxworthy Cubbage, who I never knew but I do want to say ‘thank you, Jane, wherever you are,’ for this is one of those recipes you’ll use over and over again. It makes an awesome hot fudge sundae when spooned over vanilla, coffee or peppermint ice cream or any combo of ice cream flavors of your choice. You can transform pound cake, sponge or angel food cake with a light drizzle (or a heavy one) or it can be used as a sauce to dip fruits and berries into. And if you’re really going for it, combine some cake, ice cream and fruit and spoon it on…hey, it’s the holidays!!! Try it, try it, try it. You WILL thank me (and possibly even hate me) for sharing this.

WARNING: Consumption of this sauce may cause an addiction resulting in midnight raids to the fridge to eat leftover sauce with a spoon. Discretion is advised.

The Best Chocolate Sauce

1/2 stick butter (4 Tablespoons)
2 squares bitter (unsweetened) chocolate
1 small can (5 oz.) Evaporated milk (do not used condensed)
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon good quality vanilla extract (I use Madagascar Bourbon)

Melt butter and chocolate over low heat; add milk, then sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring often. Remove from fire, then add vanilla. This will keep for some time in the refrigerator…at least a week, but good luck not eating it before then!


14 thoughts on “Get Sauced

  1. Betsy, from the same cookbook, Mrs. Basil Horsfield’s Mayonnaise on page 64 is an amazing thing that takes tomato sandwiches to a whole new level. It takes only minutes in a mini processor. This is one of my favorite cookbooks, along with “the green one” that followed in 1962.


    • Ooooooh, I’ll have to try that, Joe! Thanks for the tip. Yes, I have the green one, too and both are treasured favorite cookbooks that I refer to often. I don’t think you can even get one anymore, so I may have to share more recipes!


  2. Love the title! There is absolutely no way this sauce would last a week in my fridge. As it is, I’d probably have to make it the day of “the event” lest I keep sampling it until there’s too little left to be of use. All the more reason to make a batch!


    • Yes, it is very difficult to not eat this all when you make it. We had to “sample” it last night for the sake of the blog, don’t you know? I had to restrain myself in order to have any left for tonight! Glad you like the title. 🙂


    • Hi Sharyn, I will check out that recipe and the combo of bittersweet and ginger sounds right up my alley, thanks! I’ve tried many bittersweet sauces, one I particularly like goes over a frozen Grand Marnier souffle. This “Best” sauce is really an old fashioned hot fudge sauce. In my mind, most anything with chocolate in it has to be good!


      • My Mom loves hot fudge. I say “More chocolate, less sugar,” which is why I prefer bittersweet things. But don’t get me wrong — I will eat hot fudge without being forced. And if I’m going to eat it, your choices of ice creams are just right. Coffee is my hands down favorite.


        • I only use organic cane sugar when I use sugar…not sure if that makes that much difference when it’s all said and done, but I like the taste better and the thought of less processing of my ingredients. In this case, the chocolate is bitter…no sugar, so the only sugar is what’s in the recipe. I’m not sure what the sugar content proportionally would be for 2 ounces of bittersweet vs unsweetened plus sugar…maybe I will look it up!:)


          • Reducing sugar in proper fudge can cause problems — it requires sugar to set. With hot fudge you are probably safe reducing the sugar. I use bitter chocolate in baking and candy-making, too, and I like evaporated cane juice (aka cane sugar), but usually use regular sugar because its cheaper and because my Mom insists on certain things having a white appearance (not hot fudge!). I generally reduce the sugar in everything if I can get away with it.


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