Some Luck for the New Year: Black-eyed Pea and Collards Soup

There was a time, not too long past, that you’d have had to tie me down and force feed me anything that came under the heading of “greens,” and collards were most certainly at the top of that list. As a kid I remember that every time I smelled greens cooking, I’d hide or start planning some way to discreetly scrape them off the dinner plate and into a napkin while my parents weren’t looking. To me they were slimy, smelly, and well…GREEN! YUK! Continue reading


Eat Your (Winter) Greens!

Up until a few short years ago, nothing could have convinced me that greens would ever become something that I loved. I’m not speaking of lettuce or spinach, but winter greens like chard, kale and collards. Then one day I decided to be bold and try some kale that had come in our CSA box and I combined it in a saute with other ingredients I knew I liked. Imagine my surprise when the end result was a savory and satisfying dish that brought out the natural sweetness of the kale. Then I tried it with chard and it worked equally well. “Hmmm, maybe I’m on to something here,” I said to myself. The next time I made some greens this way, I had extra and added them to some pasta with roasted tomatoes and sausage, and hence my Penne with Kale, Sausage and Roasted Tomatoes recipe was born and you can see that post here. Now I’ve come to love them so much I grow two kinds of kale in my garden and it’s one of my favorite side dishes to make while winter greens are in season. Fortunately it’s a nice long season where we live! Continue reading