Final Approach Weekend

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been so busy that perhaps you may have missed a few of those clever posts around with wonderful tips and ideas on making your own gifts or tasty foods for the holidays. It’s really hard to keep up, and especially the closer we get to the big festivities.

As I spend this weekend finishing off my gifts for friends and family, and attending a few parties in between, I’d like to just quickly recap some of the foods I’ve made this season for gifts and holiday entertaining. I’m hoping these might offers some inspiration when seen all together and be of help in choosing a recipe for those “what can I make?” moments ahead! Continue reading

Clafouti, Compromised!

Well, not really a big compromise and I guess that’s the point. In all my talk of eating healthy in between the holidays, we still need a little dessert now and then. I love clafouti, with its amazing texture between a cake and a custard, that little touch of booze for flavor and richness, and the fruit—fresh apples, cherries or pears. It’s not hard to make, isn’t overly sweet and it ticks off a lot of boxes in the happy dessert category for me. Continue reading