A is for Apples: A Savory Bread Pudding and an Apple Oat Walnut Bar

Fall isn’t Fall without apple bars, breads, cakes, cookies, crisps, bread puddings, salads and soups!

Do you have seasonal favorite dishes that you like to make? As each year rolls around, I look forward with great anticipation to tasting some favorite dishes once more, and it seems like periodically they are due for a wee makeover. Not that there was anything wrong with them the first time around, but just because I think…’Wow, wouldn’t this be good with this or that added to it?’ Or, ‘What if I tried making that into something else?’ Here are two new dishes, not quite the same as the old dishes—and both involve one of my favorite seasonal ingredients, apples! Continue reading


Clafouti, Compromised!

Well, not really a big compromise and I guess that’s the point. In all my talk of eating healthy in between the holidays, we still need a little dessert now and then. I love clafouti, with its amazing texture between a cake and a custard, that little touch of booze for flavor and richness, and the fruit—fresh apples, cherries or pears. It’s not hard to make, isn’t overly sweet and it ticks off a lot of boxes in the happy dessert category for me. Continue reading