Deep South Deviled Eggs

It's hard to get out of the door with these before one mysteriously disappears off the plate!

It’s been said around these parts that if you ever bring deviled eggs to a party, you can rest assured you’ll take home an empty plate! And it’s so true.

Just what is it about deviled eggs that everyone loves so much? Is it the fact that one feels kind of guilty, perhaps even…dare I say…devilish, eating them? Or is it because they’re so easy to pop into your mouth that you can’t eat just one? Maybe it’s all of the above, but it’s interesting to watch the response to a plate of deviled eggs at a party. Everyone will just have one, thank you very much. Then, when no one is looking a bit later on, “I’ll just have one more,” and a bit later…”oh, my, we can’t let those last two or three go to waste!” And the next thing you know, there’s a wistful-looking and empty egg plate. Continue reading