Betsy’s Famous Black Bean Mango Salad

With such a fiesta of color, this dish just has to be good!

Why famous? Well, it started many years ago when I was making pottery and taking classes on a regular basis at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

I specialized in handbuilding and loved to Raku-fire pots outdoors. At the end of each quarter, we would have a party, appropriately named “pot luck raku.” Each person brought a dish to share. We’d set the food out on long tables outdoors next to the raku kilns and eat, drink wine, fire pots, pull them out of the kilns at red hot temperature and throw them in the sawdust to absorb the smoke! There were some amazing dishes—both from a food and a pottery perspective—that showed up at these events, and I have such fond memories of these times. It was at one of these parties that I first tasted the dish Fesenjan, the Persian chicken and pomegranate stew, as well as some other worldly delights. Continue reading


Friday the 13th and Easy Enchiladas Verdes

Alas, another night shot which really doesn't do these justice, a wrinkle in my cloth, and my little digital camera ran out of space in the middle of shooting...was it the shadow of Friday the 13th looming over me? Nope, I was just hungry!!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the first month of this new year. I choose to view this as a lucky day, and therefore want to share a fiesta recipe with you in celebration, but do watch out for those out there who are a bit wigged out by the date!

As I’ve probably mentioned a time or two, I really, really like Mexican food. I don’t cook a lot of it at home, but am trying to remedy that as the fat content of eating it “abroad” catches up with you rather quickly…the “broad” part of that word being key. Continue reading